Grants 2022

The Town Council has a small budget for grants and the aim of Sodbury Town Council’s grant scheme is to promote community activity within the parish. By providing financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of residents, the Council’s intention is to improve the range of activities and services within Chipping Sodbury & Old Sodbury.

Grants can be awarded to new as well as existing organisations.

Here are some examples of the types of organisations who will be considered for grants:-

Charitable Organisations Sports Clubs

Pre-school Playgroups Arts Groups

Youth Groups Advice Organisations

Grants are targeted at local organisations benefiting local people. It is therefore not possible to consider providing grants to national organisations without a locally based group or to individuals.

Each application will be considered on its merit and grants will not necessarily be available on an annual basis. There is a limited budget each year, and the total amounts requested usually exceed the total funds available. You will need to include accounts, or in the case of a new organisation, a budget. Details of what we need can be found at the end of the application form.

To apply for a grant please use the application form on the link below:

STC Grant Application Form 2022