Town Council

Sodbury Town Council consists of 15 elected Councillors and covers 3 wards; Old Sodbury, Chipping Sodbury South East and Chipping Sodbury North West. Parish Councillors are elected for a period of four years at the local elections. Parish Councillors are unpaid and work hard to ensure the Parish is well represented.

The Town Council employs three members of staff, the Town Clerk, an Assistant Clerk and Administration Assistant. The Council Office relocated to 26 High Street, Chipping Sodbury in November 2014. Office hours vary during covid times – if you want to be sure of attending the office whilst it is staffed please call or email beforehand.

On 10th July 2012 Sodbury Town Council adopted a Code of Conduct for Councillors. A copy of the Code of Conduct can be accessed using the link below.

STC Code of Conduct July 2012

South Gloucestershire Council has adopted procedures to deal with complaints regarding Councillors and the Code of Conduct. Details of the procedures can be accessed on the link below.

SGC Complaints Procedure

Like most Government organisations Sodbury Town Council has several Committees with different responsibilities. Details of each Committee are below.

Markets Committee

This Committee is responsible for the provision of CCTV, maintenance of the Pitchings and town centre and the provision of the Wickwar Road Car Park.

The Markets Committee is also responsible for the issuing of licences for use of the Pitchings and this includes the Farmers Market and various events that take place on the Pitchings throughout the year.

Environment & Leisure Committee

This committee has responsibility for numerous green areas around the Parish. The Committee ensures the paths are kept clear and maintains the attractive hanging basket displays to be found in Chipping Sodbury in the summer months.

The Committee is responsible for street furniture such as litter bins and public seats and the provision of the two play areas.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

This Committee has overall responsibility for budget control and the expenditure of the Town Council. All Council Policies are reviewed by this Committee prior to being ratified by the Full Council.

The Town Council receives a precept from South Gloucestershire Council which is partly funded by the Council Tax paid by residents in the locality. The precept is monitored carefully and is used to enhance the local area and ensure the Town Council can provide the services its Parishioners require.

Planning Committee

This Committee is made up of 6 members (2 from each ward) and considers and comments on all planning applications submitted to South Gloucestershire Council within this Parish. It is important to note the Town Council has the right to comment on applications but it is actually South Gloucestershire Council who make the decisions and have enforcement powers over building works.

If you wish to address members concerning a planning application please contact the Clerk.

Working Groups

The Council sets up working groups as and when required. All working groups report back to either a committee or Full Council and do not have any decision making powers.