1680 The Burough of Chipping Sodbury

Sodbury Town Council

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The Town Council is comprised of fifteen elected members:

Old Sodbury Ward

Cllr Matthew Lewis

Cllr Juan Nuevo

Cllr Phil Rumney (Chair)

Cllr Scott Gibson

Cllr Andy Williams

Chipping Sodbury – South West Ward

Cllr Wendy Whittle (Vice Chairman and Mayor)

Cllr Linda Boon

Cllr Rob Creer

Cllr Chris Hays

Cllr Paul Whittle

Chipping Sodbury – North East Ward

Cllr Brenda Allen

Cllr James Ball

Cllr Jack Gough

Cllr Philip O’Rourke

Cllr Roy (Paddy) Smith