Climate Change

Climate Emergency

Sodbury Town Council unanimously voted to declare a Climate Emergency in September 2020, supporting the South Gloucestershire Council declaration of the same in July 2019.

We have created these pages to share information about the steps we are taking to address the situation and prepare for the local impact of climate change and reducing carbon emissions.  We hope the information will be useful to residents, businesses and organisations in our town.  

As first steps the council has created and approved a Climate Action Plan, and each councillor has made a number of personal pledges to reduce their own carbon footprint. 

STC Climate Action Plan

Climate Fair 18th September

The Fair was a great success and thanks go to all those involved. There was a wide range of organisations represented covering topics including reducing waste, sourcing renewable electricity, electric cars/bikes, helping the environment and reducing water usage.  We hope that by hosting this event we have provided ideas of how everyone can make changes that will all add up to make a positive contribution to addressing the climate emergency.

Old Sodbury Orchard and Woodland

Following the purchase of 5 hectares of land from Network Rail in 2021 following completion of electrification work on the railway line, the planting of an orchard and a 4,000 tree woodland has started.  Trees and associated materials are being provided by the Cotswold Conservation Board and the Woodland Trust.  The work is being carried out by teams of volunteers under the direction of a group established for the purpose, called Sodbury Woodland and Nature.  Lots more information and pictures can be found on the Sodbury Woodland and Nature Facebook page.


Pictures courtesy of RichMcD Photography

24th January 2022 update – A number of planting days have now taken place, the latest on 22nd January.  The total number of trees planted in the woodland is 1,600, and the orchard is very nearly complete with just under 200 trees planted.  We remain on target to complete planting by the end of March.